Maui, Day One

So blessed to have started off 2015 with a spontaneous trip to the beautiful, majestic isle of Maui with my girls, Alyssa and Kori. We were so blessed to have a place to stay, a car, a tour guide, and of course great company.

I flew in on Friday night to a wet and windy Kahului. The wind took out power poles, and the rain took out street lights on Friday night, but we woke up to clear, blue skies on Saturday morning. We drove up to Kula to grab breakfast and take in the crazy views. As we looked down, it was evident that the storm provided a refreshed outlook. All I could see were deep hues of blues and vibrant greens.

We then headed to the most majestic waterfall I’ve ever seen in my life. It was flowing quite heavily from the rain during the night before, but it was just what you’d think paradise would be like. The sunbeams shot through the trees, and we could feel a light mist which lingered in the from the pounding waterfall. We shot a couple of photos, admiring the beauty and then decided to head out. There was definitely no swimming happening with the incredibly strong current. Maui, Day 1 ended with thoughts of rushing waterfalls, long-windy roads, and green pastures.