Maui, Day Two


I still dream of Hana.

Day 2 started after getting coffee (of course). We were ready for the long, windy road to Hana. We were actually running a late, so it basically axed our plan to go on a (what I hear) is an incredible hike with six waterfalls, but we still got to experience all these amazing, tropical scenes. Marc was a pro at navigating the windy switchbacks. I sat in the back clinging onto the section between the windows. It was an amazing feeling: windows down, looking straight ahead at the road ahead through the windshield. Each switchback brought a different view: waterfalls, mini waterfalls, the ocean, or even the road surrounded by huge trees.

Once we actually got to Hana, we grabbed Thai food and decided to head to Red Sands. I found it so amazing that it took only five minutes to get down the the beach. Paradise right at your ‘footsteps’. The sand was coarse and a dark red color that was like red dirt, but it was so unusual that this didn’t stain or get everywhere like the typical red dirt. The water was blue, and looking at it from above, it created a dark purple-ish tone. The cove sat in between huge red rock structures that made the entire place incredible.

We headed out to and Marc took us to an amazing black sand beach. The path down was steep and dusty. It made for a difficult way both down and up, but it also meant that there would be virtually no one on the beach. It was beautiful; an empty black-sand beach all to ourselves. We ran up and down the beach, celebrating the new year as well as our last hours on Maui. Kori and Alyssa spent about 10 minutes trying to grab a coconut with a long stick. They were, unfortunately, unable to grab it, but it still provided for a great laugh. We headed out to hit the road before sunset. The windy road was just as beautiful in as it was going out. The sky turned purple with pink, cotton-candy like clouds, which reflected against the blue water and provided the ocean with a hazy, purple color. It summed up an amazing trip. I wasn’t even sad that I had work the next day.