Los Angeles, My Almost Home

LA somehow never seems to disappoint. It always surprises me, because every experience is so different from the previous LA I knew.

A year ago, I had planned to move to this city. I remember the moment I made the decision. It was about a month before I graduated, and I sat in traffic on the way to school panicking and thinking about what I was going to do after I graduated. I had no clue, and my head was pounding from traffic and the hot sun shining through the windshield. It was in that moment where I’d convinced myself that I needed to move. It was time.

But, I guess things don’t always go as planned. The day before I planned to book my flight, I got a job interview in Hawaii. The job has not only provided me with experience and the opportunity to travel in a way that I would’ve never imagined, but also with some great, incredible friends. I’m so blessed to have these people in my life that I’m able to be more than coworkers with.

This trip was with the same awesome crew. After scoping out all the flights, Darren suggested LA, and I’m glad he did. Neazel and I got in late Saturday afternoon for about 50 hours of non-stop LA fun. We met up with a coworker who was staying in Hermosa Beach. As we strolled down the pier, the California sun put me into a daze turning the people walking, riding bikes, and skateboarding into unrecognizable shadows, beautifully lit with sun rays beaming around their figures. After watching the sunset for what seemed like hours, we headed to get some food before calling it a night.

After a morning at the Getty, we decided to head to the Santa Monica Pier, where we’d meet up with Kacie and Adam and rent bikes to ride to Venice Beach. I was particularly impressed with Darren who opted for roller skates. He was awesome and looked just like a pro! We headed to all-you-can-eat Korean bbq, where I’m pretty sure I ate way more than everyone at the table. It made me beyond happy, as I’ve been craving this since the last time I’d eaten LA Korean bbq. After dinner, I was delirious, but we decided to power through and go to Diddy Reise, as per Natasha’s comment on my Instagram photo. It was so cheap and so good, but I was so full and delirious and definitely an awesome way to end a short, but sweet trip…or so I thought. Not only did we get to go LA that weekend, but we also flew into OGG, to LIH, and finally home to HNL.