Welcome to Tokyo, Kimiko-san!

Tokyo. Osaka. Kyoto.

Sticky Japan. It was hot and humid. I wasn’t expecting so much movement, but we were in a new city everyday via planes, trains and automobiles.

The colors in Japan are so vivid, definitely a different ‘vivid’ then the shades Hawaii paints. In the day, they’re made of reds and oranges with a blue backdrop. At night, the city is painted of neon lights that bring light to the darkest street.

My favorite moment was seeing Mount Fuji. I’ve seen it so many times, in pictures and on TV, but for some reason, I didn’t recognize it. We were traveling back on the Shinkansen from Osaka back to Tokyo. The sun kept disappearing behind the rolling hills. Hana, one of the marketing managers for the company we were with, lightly tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out the window and whispered “Mount Fuji”, while he quickly went back to his call. I was in awe. I never saw it without it’s iconic snow cap, yet I wondered how I could not have recognized it. It was huge, and it was the perfect way to sum up my short time in Japan. It was probably one of the most picturesque moments of my life.