Cold, Warm NYC Winter

It was that cold New York weather that people flee from, yet we still decided to visit Katie for a few days in NYC. We knew we were about to be in the midst of -10 degree weather. So excited to be on another adventure with the three of us. It felt like college again, except we had money and jobs and responsibilities. 

It hurt to just be, but I was so excited. So excited to see katie and watch her eat an açaí bowl in -5 degree weather. It was so cold, and it felt like all we could do was eat. So we ate our way through nyc. Place after place. Taxi to pizza. Subway to Thai food. Uber to more pizza. Subway to deli, Indian, Mexican. Wrapped like a burrito in layers of clothes to keep us from freezing, but happy to be together.

Falling snow is so magical if it’s your first time seeing it, at least for the first twenty eight minutes or so. And it was just that. We danced our way through the streets of soho with our hands in the air thinking how lucky we were to be there. Taking an Uber back to Williamsburg with a full pizza in hand. Reminders of non normalcy.