Adventures in Maui

My cousin told me she was going to be in town and was going to travel to Maui for a few days. It was the middle of the week, but I decided to take off, since I desperately needed a vacation…even if it was just for two days. I decided to hop on the same Maui flight they were taking, and we were off. We snorkeled, drove half way to Hana with a manual car, and enjoyed some amazing sunsets.

Hawaii Island Adventures

Neazel, Darren, and I flew into Kona on a steamy, voggy day, without a clue of what we would be doing. We figured we’d just figure it out when we got there. Luckily, Nicky and Daniel were preparing for their wedding the night before and had finished what they needed to do. We met up with them and decided to go on a little adventure.

The black jagged lava rocks stretched for miles and miles until we started driving up a cloudy mountain. As we unlocked the gate to the hill, the road turned into tire tracks up a pretty steep hill (lucky for 4-wheel drive!). As we sat in the back of the truck bed, we were so fortunate to see sheep and cattle running free. We were engulfed in clouds. We could barely see five feet in front of the makeshift road. Once we got to the end, we frolicked and followed Tina, with our bare feet. On our way back, the clouds started to burn off, and we saw the most amazing valley I’ve ever seen in my life. I was in awe and felt like the valley was a secret that only we knew about.


Growing up on Oahu, Interisland trips were mainly for visiting family, but I didn’t realize that family is just one part of it. This year I got to share adventures on the Neighbor Islands with people I love and cherish. I got to experience each islands’ personality through its people, food, and beautiful views.

We randomly decided we should do a Kauai day trip. We hopped on the 9:43 am flight, grabbed the car, and was on the way to Hanalei Pier with a quick stop for breakfast. We were blessed with a little touch of light rain, so we decided to head to another spot. We were really lucky to find a parking spot at Hideaways. We trekked down the hill and found an empty beach and a bright double rainbow. We frolicked for a couple hours, before we were poured on as we headed up the muddy hill.

House of the Sun

I’ve been to Haleakala twice in the last few months: once to see the stars, and once to see the sunrise.

We sat under the stars, while the shutters of our cameras opened and closed. It was so cold and so quiet, but I remember looking up and getting dizzy. The stars were so mesmerizing, and I was completely surrounded by a beautiful view of the Milky Way.

Neither trip was really planned, but we somehow managed to gather a couple of people each time to drive up to the summit. We sat driving at cloud level. The misty road wasn’t very clear, but luckily we had the reflectors to guide us to make sure we were still on the road up to the summit. Once we made it up to the top, we slept for what seemed like just an hour. My alarm went off, and we all started to make our way to the summit. It was cold and windy. As the sun started to rise, the clouds were continuously getting swept in and out by the winds. We were on a tropical storm watch the day before, and we kept reminding ourselves that it may not have been the smartest idea we’ve ever had (Haha). While it wasn’t my first/second time, I’m always enamored by this place’s beauty.